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I decided to start drawing again…;; and I miss my dog :’( 

my dog is cross eyed and has an underbite heh my cutie ^____^


jesus mother of God

I haven’t been on here in FOREVER :>


I realized that I’ve never really tried to draw Kuroko before? Sorry, but here, have a doodle

last one before I sleep!

08/03 - 2 notes

I don’t care what you say

Levi cried for his squad okay


08/03 - 2 notes


I had this sudden urge to draw inuyasha fanart???!!


08/02 - 1 note

okay does anybody remember that Pokemon ep where Ash had to pretend to be a girl lmfao

Felt like Red could pull it off better/flaunt that shit

i’m drawing such weird stuff; i’m gomen

08/02 - 1 note

"I think I trained enough for today…"

my friend gave me her drawing tablet for Christmas and I finally decided to download its driver and use it….

but I was too lazy to get off my mac so I ended up using photoshop (last time I used the stupid program was a year ago)….

wow that was a terrible experience LOL

08/01 - 3 notes

this quick drawing I did for a friend??

Baekhyun from EXO K or something

idk kpop lol

gotta draw one more kid 

08/01 - 3 notes

haven’t drawn finn in so long!!! ahh!!!!1 what is drawing

obv i got really lazy with Jake LOLOL

08/01 - 3 notes

fuck i am so sorry for lack of updates ugh

my summer school is ending this week

but I have more work shifts

but still!!!
I promise to draw :(

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